Sync Zune Pass Subscription

I have had a Zune Pass subscription for quite some time now and love it for downloading and organizing my music.

Zune Software Instructions

I have the x64 Zune software installed on my home computer, work computer, and laptop; so I am using the three total already that you are allowed. The annoyance I had was syncing the new content between all of my computers. Microsoft’s website and support says that you have to manually click the “Restore All” option when you are at a computer with out of date content.

Zune - Restore All

And that works ok… but there is a much better way that syncs everything automatically, without ever having to manually update it.
I am referring to the new Windows Live Mesh software.

Windows Live Mesh

For those of you who might have tried this software earlier and disliked it, try it again as they have improved it a lot. Basically what we are going to do is setup Windows Live Mesh to sync our subscription folder between computers.

Step 1

Install Windows Live Mesh on each computer you have your Zune Software on.
(Download wlsetup-web.exe)

Step 2

Windows Live Mesh is part of Windows Essentials, and if you are like me, you don’t want all of the software. So after you launch wlsetup-web.exe, select “Choose the programs you want to install.”

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Windows Essentials

Step 3

Choose Windows Live Mesh, uncheck everything else, and click install.

Windows Live Mesh Selection

Step 4

Login to Windows Live Mesh.

Sign in to Windows Live Mesh

Step 5

Click on “Sync a folder”.

Sync Folder - Windows Live Mesh

Step 6

Browse to your Music folder and click on your “Subscription” folder, then hit sync.

Live Mesh - Subscription

Step 7

Repeat this procedure on your other computers and anytime you download new music, podcasts, etc… they will immediately sync with Windows Live Mesh to your other computers. I have been using this method for about 3 months and it works great!

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  • Aaron Jarboe

    I am currently using this setup, but when it syncs the songs it does NOT seem to sync the meta data (genre changes, ratings, etc). Do you know why this might be?

  • Mark Jonson

    You’ll need to sync your entire Music library, not just the subscription folder if you also want to sync songs that you bought (whether with MS Points, credit card, or song credits). The subscription folder, as its name implies, only includes Zune Pass downloads that are still under DRM and are only stored as part of the subscription.