Speed Up FileZilla FTP Transfers

Filezilla FTP Client

Are you having trouble with download speeds using the FTP Client Filezilla? It is most likely due to simply not having some configurations options set. By default, the FTP client will be set at minimal connections, but if you change a few things you can increase your download speed by over 2Mb/s.

FileZilla Instructions

Step 1

Download and install the FileZilla FTP client from their website at http://filezilla-project.org/.

Step 2

At the top left of the application, go to File > Site Manager. In site manager you are going to setup a new connection with the host your are connecting with.

FileZilla FTP Site Manager

Step 3

Go over to the “Transfer Settings” tab and select Limit Simultaneous connections. Then input 10 for the Maximum Number of Connections. This will optimize your connection speeds with most servers to get the highest download speeds; and without them disconnecting. (My download speeds jumped from 900KB down to 2500KB down just from changing this one option.

FileZilla FTP - Transfer Settings

Not Working?

If this doesn’t increase your speeds, it is most likely due to a limit on your ISP, or on the web server you are connecting to. I have experienced hosts like GoDaddy tightly restricting their speeds on FTP.

Filezilla is a free FTP solution which can be downloaded here: https://filezilla-project.org/

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