Sort and Manage Your TV Shows with TV Rename

I’ve been working on getting my media collection more organized lately and really wanted to automate some of the tasks I was having to do over and over. I found this handy little program that really helped me out! TV Rename is a small piece of free software that allows you to add all the TV shows you have, add the folders you want it to monitor, and it will automatically rename, sort, and organize all of your shows. It gives you a list of any episodes you are missing and also a calendar to see when your shows are airing next. I’m not going to bother with a tutorial, because the Quickstart Guide located within the software along with the User Guide on their website make it easy to get all your folders and watch locations set up very quickly.



Try using this program along with ExtractNow to easily unzip your TV Show files and sort them in your collection automatically!


Download TV Rename:

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