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Creating a SQL view/record for PSQuery

Have you every been annoyed by creating a query in PIA, using PSQuery? The easier way to do it is to create a new record, turn that into a view, and then query the record in PSQuery. Instructions are below. PSQuery – View Step 1 Open up app designer

PeopleSoft – Invalid Record/Field Error

Working with PeopleSoft today I encountered an error stating Invalid Record/Field error. See picture below. The fix for the error was to actually clear the app server cache. (Have your DBA do it.) That can bring your production system to a slowdown if you then have to rebuild your

PS – Move/Copy a Query to a new Database

Here are instructions for moving/copying queries back and forth between different PeopleSoft databases. PeopleSoft Database Queries This includes moving between different versions of PeopleTools. Step 1 Launch App Designer on the server you are wanting to move/copy your queries from. Step 2 Go to “File > New > Project”

PS PIA Change Default Content and Layout

For end users, I prefer having the 2nd menu (main menu) enabled by default. This is the one with the icons. It makes it a lot easier for people to learn their way around PIA and still have the left menu for quick navigation. How to change PeopleSoft PIA

PeopleSoft Fix IE9 Spacing Issue

As most of you probably noticed with the upgrade to PeopleTools 8.51 there is a spacing issue (white space between header and top of page) with IE9. To resolve this you need to tweak your PT_HNAV_TEMPLATE html file. IE9 Spacing Issue Follow the instructions below to fix. Step 1

Relationship CI not found (14000,317)

Ran across this error today under Campus Community > Personal Information > Biographical > Relationships > Relationships. It said, “Relationship component interface not found (14000,317)”. Below are instructions on how to fix this. Relationship component interface not found Step 1 Browse to the default permission list of your user’s

Disable TypeAhead Feature for Everyone

In certain PeopleSoft versions of PeopleTools, the TypeAhead feature simply doesn’t work very well. It causes weird behavior, such as the mouse cursor disappearing and refresh problems. Disable TypeAhead Feature Below are instructions on disabling the TypeAhead feature for everyone. Step 1 Login to PIA and browse to Main

PeopleSoft Favorites – Authorization Error

Discovered some users today that couldn’t add favorites in PIA. Whenever they would try to add one they would get the following error: Authorization Error — Contact your Security Administrator. Turned out to be a simple permissions problem, they were simply missing a delivered web library under their permission

QDM could not load query definition – PS

Was receiving this error this last week after changing the primary permission list on some accounts in PIA. [Open Query] [CQryStmt::Prepare] QDM could not load query definition [ PUBLIC.PT_SEC_PLIST_USERS ] I was trying to run a query to see which users belonged to a permission list. Turns out that

Exporting and Importing PS Security

It is actually pretty easy to export and import PeopleSoft security. There are datamover scripts that are given to. They are located in the PS_HOME PeopleSoft installation directory. Export and import PeopleSoft security You do have to realize that this export script simply exports all of the security. You