Slipstream Microsoft Office 2007 SP2

This is a short guide on how to slipstream Service Pack 2 into Microsoft Office 2007. They way Microsoft does this is that the updates are simply applied immediately after the install.

How to slipstream SP 2 into Microsoft Office 2007

However, this will still save you a lot of time from installing Office and then running Windows Updates; especially if doing a mass deployment or fresh image.

Step 1

First create two different folders, one for your original office install and the second for your SP2 files. To keep things simply, lets just make them on your desktop, a folder called “Office07” and a folder called “SP2”.

Create Office Folders

Step 2

You now need to copy the contents of your original office install to the “Office07” folder on your desktop. If you have an ISO, simply extract that with either 7-Zip or WinRar; or if you have it on a DVD, stick that into your computer, browse to the drive, and copy the contents over.

Office 2007 Contents

Step 3

Now you need to download SP2 for Microsoft Office if you don’t already have it. The download link is here. I would just download it to your desktop.

Download Office SP2

Step 4

Now open up a command prompt window on your desktop. (Hold shift and right click on your desktop and select Open Command Prompt Windows Here)

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Step 5

You you are going to extract the SP2 exe which you downloaded earlier. In your command prompt window type: office2007sp2-kb953195-fullfile-en-us.exe /extract:”C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Desktop\SP2″ (make sure you put in your username)

Extracting Office 2007 SP2

Step 6

You should now be prompted with the EULA. Simply check the box and click next. It will extract SP2 into that SP2 folder on your desktop.

Office 2007 SP2 EULA

Step 7

Now simply copy the contents of the SP2 folder on your desktop to the UPDATES folder within the Office07 folder on your desktop (Office07\Updates). Then you are finished. When you run the setup for Office, (setup.exe) it will now install SP2 while it installs Office 2007.

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