Skype Background Noise verses Windows Live Messenger

So normally we are posting how to fix things, but this time we are asking our audience if they know of a fix. Microsoft has already said they are getting rid of Windows Live Messenger because of the purchase and integration of Skype with live accounts. We use our webcams a lot and the problem we are facing is that when playing another source of audio, such as a movie or music (out of the same computer and speakers that Skype is running on), the person on chat (on the other end) can hear all of the noise.

Windows Live Messenger has never had this problem, Skype needs to fix this or provide a fix before ditching messenger.

Things we have already tried:

  • Messing with the microphone sound volume levels
  • Messing with the stereo mix

Windows Live Messenger by default doesn’t pick up any sound in relation to speakers pointed away from webcam, no matter how loud the volume is.

Does anyone know of a way to fix this? You can do a search online and nobody seems to have an answer for this.