Show Hidden Files in Mac OS X Finder

I recently switched over from PC to Mac and when I was looking through my folders I realized some things were missing. The folders missing all were named with a period coming before the name. The purpose was for them to arrange themselves at the top when folders are arranged alphabetically. However, on a Mac, in OS X a period before the name means that it becomes a hidden folder / file.
Below is the command to show the hidden files in the Mac OS X Finder.

Open up the terminal and type the following commands:

[vb]defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE
killall Finder[/vb]

Also, to revert back to normal, here is the command:

[vb]defaults write AppleShowAllFiles FALSE
killall Finder[/vb]

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  • patrick

    cool bro thanks, however, is there anyway to leave this or one file unhidden ? Like I have a file named .file.doc, i know when osx sees a “.” it goes hidden, anyway we can put an exclusion ?