Send HTML Email Test from your Web Browser

Have you ever been previewing your HTML email code and simply want to see how it would look once it actually sends out? 95% of the time, the email client will change something. If you don’t want to hassle with testing it via MailChimp or Emma, or don’t have time, there is a quick way to send the email from your browser, right to your email client. Follow the instructions below.

Send HTML Email Test from Browser

Step 1

Open up internet explorer and paste the location of your local email (email.html) file that you have been working on. In my example below, my email.html file is on my desktop.


Step 2

Go up to File > Send > Page by e-mail. You might have to hit “ALT” on your keyboard to see the file menu depending on the version of IE you are using.


Step 3

Step 2 above opens the email in your email client. Simply put your own email address in there and hit send. Check your inbox and view how the email looks. It’s a great and quick way to view and check your HTML email without having to launch Emma or MailChimp and hassle with a test.


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