Scrobble from Zune Software to

I think is a great social networking tool; however I don’t like using their website to listen to music. I have a Zune Pass and so I am always using the Zune software to listen to my music.

Below are instructions on setting up your computer’s Zune Software to update your songs (scrobble) onto the’s website automatically.

Update songs (scrobble) onto the’s website automatically

Step 1

Sign up for a account if you don’t already have one.


Step 2

You will need two pieces of software to make this work. First you need to download and install the Scrobbler software. Install it, sign in, and it will run in your taskbar. Scrobbler

Step 3

Download install a piece of software called Zuse, which was made to scrobble with the Zune software.

Step 4

Install the Zuse software. While installing, choose your Zune directory for the installation.

If you are running the x64 bit version of the Zune software, then install Zuse here:

[vb]C:\Program Files\Zune[/vb]

If you are running the x32 bit version of the Zune software, then install Zuse here:

[vb]C:\Program Files (x86)\Zune[/vb]

Step 5

Now if you have a shortcut for Zune pinned on your taskbar, delete it, because you are going to create a new shortcut. You need to browse to the directory you installed Zuse into and launch it from there. Once you have done that, you can repin it. Zuse.exe simply launches Zune, with Zuse running.

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Step 6

Now play a song from your Zune software and watch your profile update on their website :). Enjoy! profile

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  • Beau

    Been using Zuse for a while, but it seems to be dead now. Any alternatives to scrobble from the Zune software?

    • Ya, it is kind of dead; but still works fine. The scrobbling to still works fine. I have searched for an alternative but could not find any. If you do find one, please post back. Thanks!

  • C

    I’ve installed Zuse but whenever I try to launch it, it says “Zuse has stopped working.” I don’t know why.. :/