Run Windows 8 Metro Apps in a Window on the Desktop

We have to give props to Stardock as of late. With the release of Start8 and now the launch of ModernMix, they really understand how most multitasking end users on Windows 8 want to use their computers. Every time they release an app, they make make our lives that much easier. ModernMix now lets you run Metro apps within windows on your desktop. It’s time to disable charms folks!

Windows 8 Metro Apps on Desktop

Installation and Configuration

Head over to the ModernMix webpage to grab the latest Beta the latest version 1.05:

You can see the change log here.

Once you have installed ModernMix, under the General settings you have the option of launching Metro apps in a small window or fullscreen; both from the start menu and when launched from the desktop.


You can enable/disable the following options:

  • Show ModernMix control overlay in the top right corner to switch modes
  • Enable the ModernMix hotkey to switch modes
  • Disable the animated flip when launching fullscreen applications
  • Show fullscreen applications on the taskbar

The other great feature they added is that it remembers the last state of the application. You can manage them from the App Settings screen.


Music App now Usable!

One of the best features for us is we are now able to play our Xbox Music without having to switch back and forth between metro! As you know before you could drag a smaller version of a metro app to your desktop, but you couldn’t see your library, and it was almost useless. This now works beautifully! It is not 100% yet, but a giant leap in the right direction. Now we just need Microsoft to unlink the music app from the PC system sound levels and we will be good to go!

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