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For those of you that have been rooting your phones since the beginning, you probably know that it wasn’t always a seamless and easy process. Luckily, thanks to amazing programmers and developers, there is a very easy and quick way to root and unroot your android phone. The following method works for ALL android phones as stated by the developers of the software. This method is SuperOneClick. This post is a step by step walkthrough to using this software to root your phone quickly and easily!

Step 1 – Download Motorola Drivers

First, you are gonna need the right drivers for your android phone on your computer. Even if your phone can connect to your PC and let you browse to the SD card, this does not mean you have the correct drivers installed! Go to MOTODEV and choose the ‘Handset USB Driver’ for your version of windows. (32/64 bit) Then click download near the bottom of the page. You will need an account here to access the download so go ahead and select ‘Join MOTODEV Now’ and proceed with creating an account so you can download the file. Once you have downloaded the file, go ahead and install the the driver software.

Motodev Downloads

Motodev USB Driver Software

Step 2 – Download Super 1 Click

Now it’s time to install SuperOneClick. Go to the SuperOneClick thread over at xdadevelopers and download the latest version of the software. (links located at the bottom of the first post) You will also need an account with them before you are able to download the SuperOneClick software so go ahead and click ‘register’ and create an account so you can download the file. Once you have downloaded the file, you will need to extract it. Go ahead and right click on the SuperOneClick folder and click ‘Extract All’. You now are ready to run the program out of that extracted folder.

xda downloads

superoneclick folder

Step 3 – Prepare Your Phone

You’re almost there! One last thing you need to do before you are ready to root your phone. On your phone, go to Settings–>Applications–>Development and on that screen, check the box next to ‘USB debugging’ and press ‘OK’.

Step 4 – Root It!

Go ahead and plug your phone into your PC with your USB cable and wait for it you recognize it. DO NOT MOUNT YOUR SD CARD! This will just cause problems. Once your phone is plugged in and ready, go ahead and run the SuperOnceClick application in the folder you extracted. (Usually best to ‘Run as Administrator’) Once you have the software open, you will see an option on the far right to choose between two different ‘Exploits’. Select the ‘rageagainstthecage’ exploit. (Either of these should work, but this exploit has been more successful/seamless for me personally) Go ahead and click ‘Root’ and watch the magic happen! If everything goes correctly, a popup window should appear that says you have been rooted. Now your good to go! Enjoy your easy and quick android root!

superoneclick interface

Obviously, every phone is different so not every phone is going to behave the exact same way when trying to root with SuperOneClick. However, I have had the chance myself to test this on several different android phones and have become pretty handy with solving any problems or issues that may come up while trying to use the software. Feel free to comment if you have any problems, questions or need any help with anything! I will do the best I can to provide the answers!

Here is a video demonstration that the guys over at have done. It is a few versions old, so there are minor differences, but it will help if you want a basic visual demonstration.


Some devices have a NAND lock. SuperOneClick gives you only shell root until you remove this.
The following phones can use to get rid of the NAND lock:

- Sprint EVO 4G (HTC Supersonic)
- Droid Incredible (HTC Incredible)
- HTC Desire GSM
- HTC Desire CDMA (HTC BravoC)
- HTC Aria
- Droid Eris (HTC DesireC)
- HTC Wildfire (HTC Buzz)

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  • Ricardo Filipe

    Will this work on a Samsung Spica i5700 ? I’ve tried lots of root apps but none have provided me with root access.

  • will sper

    I have a sprint transform and i tryed using superoneclick 1.91 v and i downloaded a new driver for my phone my phone when i click root it goes through the the rooting but gets stuck on spneuter . How do i fix this?

    • will sper

      correction it gets stuck on Running spneuter

  • Farooq

    works on LG GT540

  • asif

    oneclick software is in .php file when downloaded,how to open software

  • Siddharth Varma

    Hey m using a Motoroly Defy Plus ( MB526 ) Running on Android 2.3.4 . Is this software compatible with this phone and do u have any personal experinces with rooting this model and are they any known issues that i shud be aware of ??

  • Devon Johnson

    My droid 2 global will not root however many times I try to root it gets stuck on waiting for device, tried all the fixes for it then superoneclick stops responding.

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  • jeezloueez

    I have an Alcatel Glory. I’ve installed the driver (Alcatel’s Android Manager) and I tried rooting my phone with the software but I keep getting stuck at step 7! It’s really frustrating.

  • Take It Easy Timeshares & Vaca

    so, you download motorola drivers for a non-motorola phone to your pc. then super one click to your pc, then you plug your phone in and it’s like magic? yea, that didn’t happen for me and I consider myself an advanced user. and judging from everyone’s comments, there are some action items missing here….and I don’t see any comments from y’all so i guess we’re SOL. thanks anyway.

  • Vishal

    How do i root a Samsung Galaxy Y duos ?

  • Émpress Sammi British

    How to root Samsung galaxy phones