ROM – Project Elite v5 Gingerbread!


There was some good news today for any of you out there that love custom Android ROMS, and that news is Project Elite v5 Gingerbread! I switch ROMs quite often myself and always try the latest builds that I find exciting or interesting, but Project Elite has always been one of my favorites ever since I started using it a couple versions back. I have been waiting for them to release their Gingerbread ROM and its finally here! I would tell you more about it, but it literally just released about 30 minutes ago, so I gotta get my phone ready to put the new ROM on. Anyways, if you haven’t used Project Elite before on your Android phone, I would definitely recommend trying this new stable Gingerbread custom ROM! I will post some screens later on this evening for those of you wanting to see what it looks like.


Project Elite v5 Gingerbread
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Here is a few screens of the default look and settings. Click to enlarge them in a new tab!

Project Elite v5 Gingerbread 1Project Elite v5 Gingerbread 2Project Elite v5 Gingerbread 3Project Elite v5 Gingerbread 4


Two new updates have been released for this ROM, the newest, which was released this weekend, being v5.0.2. For installation instructions and download links to update your Project Elite ROM, please visit the following post:
Project Elite v5.0.2 Update @ The IT Bros

So I have the ROM loaded and have been playing with it for a little bit here. This things is fast!! I am very impressed. Has all the nice features that I love about Project Elite ROMs, has Gingerbread, and is the fastest ROM I have ever used. Definitely try this one people!

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