ROM – Project Elite v5.0.2 Update

Good news for anyone running the new Project Elite v5 Gingerbread ROM for the Droid 1! The developer’s of this amazing ROM just released a new update this weekend to v5.0.2. The update comes with a few minor fixes and also the ability to lock your homescreen as well as three custom apps into memory.

Project Elite v5.0.2

This is the second update they have put out since the release of the new ROM (v5.0). For any of you already running PEv5, go ahead and grab this update! If anyone is looking for a new ROM to use on your Droid 1, give Project Elite v5 Gingerbread a shot!


Project Elite makes it very easy to check for and install updates to your ROM. Simply go to ‘Settings’>>’Elite Settings’>>’General’ and press ‘Check for an update’ at the very top. Once it finds the update, it will bring up a prompt. Press ‘OK’ and sit back while it downloads and updates your ROM to v5.0.2! (phone will reboot) Don’t worry if you are still on v5.0, whether you are on v5.0 or v5.0.1, the auto update feature in Project Elite should work fine to get you to 5.0.2. I’ve included links to download the full ROM and each individual update if you need them for any reason. Feel free to post a comment if you need any help!

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Project Elite v5.0.2 Full ROM
Project Elite v5.0 to v5.0.1 Update
Project Elite v5.0.1 to v5.0.2 Update
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