Remotely Restart Computer When There is No Restart Option

Whether you are logged in via RDP or group policy has removed the restart option, there are always times you might want to manually restart the computer. We use this on a daily basis.

Restart Computer Remotely

Step 1

Launch Command Prompt from the start menu by searching CMD and pressing enter.


If you are running metro it will look like this:


Step 2

In command prompt type the following:

[vb]shutdown -r[/vb]


It will take a minute or so and then the computer will restart.

Tip from Z-man

The following command will force the restart with 0 second delay regardless of other processes that might be holding it up.

[vb]shutdown -r -t 0 -f[/vb]

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  • Z-Man

    shutdown -r -t 0 -f

    The above sends restart request with a 0 second delay and forces the restart, regardless if another process is preventing the restart from initiating.

    As long as RPC service is running, you can utilize the same command to have fun with a remote computer within the WINS/DNS scopt of the network you are connected:

    shutdown -r -m \remotecomputername -t 0 -f

    • Awesome! Love when I learn from someone’s comment. I use that command probably three or four times a day, will definitely give that a try next time. Didn’t know you could add the 0 second delay. Thanks for posting.

      • Z-Man

        Gain more newbie control by typing at the command prompt shutdown -i, which provides an gui. Learning the command switches is honestly better, but nonetheless, the interface is fun to learn, too.