How to Recover Data from Inactivated iPhone with IOS 7 beta (Windows 7 version)

On October 6th, Apple decommisioned the beta version of IOS 7 resulting in thousands if not millions of iPhones not working. There was no update or popup message on the iPhone informing the user about this coming apocalypse. If you upgraded your Apple device with an IOS 7 beta like me then you are for sure one of the victims of this brutal change.

ios7 activation

With this “shutdown” you will not be able to login to your phone, make or receive calls, message, apps, emails or get access to any of your data. You will be at the mercy of iCloud or iTunes backup for your data and in most cases it may not be the latest. In fact, I found out my iCloud backup has been failing since 9/9/2013 and unfortunately it was too late for me to get my data.

Then I went on a hunting spree searching the web for a solution. There are many blog posts already written on how to get your iPhone back in order. The issue for me was not getting my device backup with a fresh copy of IOS 7. The issue was making sure I don’t lose memorable photographs, videos and other important data. Almost all of the solutions on the web talked about a possibility of losing data mainly if your iCloud or iTunes backup is not up to date.

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I tried backing up my phone using iTunes and kept getting this error.

Who would new “Find my iPhone” will prevent you from restoring your device? I tried removing my iPhone from “Find my iPhone” via iCloud and still got the same message.

Then I called ATT which is my network provider. Not surprisingly, ATT asked me to call Apple blaming them for the issue. I called Apples support line and the lady asked me to call Apple developer support. I argued a bit since they should provide support on their devices but didn’t win :(.

Finally, I got in touch with Apple developer support at 1 (800) 633-2152. My expectations were very high since these guys are supposed to be the best of the best. After few minutes into the conversation I realized they are pretty mediocre and their recommendation was to do a restore mode wipe and reinstall. They also warned me about the “possibility” of losing data. Great!

I continued my debate with the support person and challenged her to provide better support for my enterprise account. She eventually transferred to a senior “advisor”. After wasting half hour on the phone call the solution I got was pretty mediocre and seems like they didn’t care about my data.

I decided to do a little more research on tools that will allow me to recover data before I wipe and reinstall IOS 7 from my windows pc. My search led me to a tool called I downloaded the tool and was able to recover all of my photos, iBooks, voice memos and other documents. What was interesting was I didn’t even unlocked the phone by entering the password.

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How to recover your data using iFunbox

Here is a step by step tutorial on how to recover your data using iFunbox.

Step 1

Click here to download iFunbox for windows version 2.6

Step 2

Unzip the files using your favorite archiving tool (I love 7zip)

Step 3

Connect your iPhone to your pc via the USB charger cable and start iFunbox.exe


Step 4

Recover your photos and videos

Click “iFunbox Classic” tab on the top then click “Raw File System”. These are the actual raw files in your IOS. Click the DCIM folder and click “Copy to PC” button.

This should copy all of your photos and videos from camera roll all the way to the beginning of the time :). You can be selective and manually copy the photos by opening the folders under the DCIM folder.



Recover books and Voice memos

Click iBooks in the side navigation bar and copy your books from the “Purchase” or the “Sync” folder. Similarly, copy your voice memos and other data from the device to your PC.

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