PS PIA Change Default Content and Layout

For end users, I prefer having the 2nd menu (main menu) enabled by default. This is the one with the icons. It makes it a lot easier for people to learn their way around PIA and still have the left menu for quick navigation.

How to change PeopleSoft PIA

Below are instructions on how to change the global default in PIA. This example is done in PT8.51+. Example shown in picture below.

PS - Two Column Layout

Step 1

Navigate to:

[vb]Main Menu > PeopleTools > Portal > Structure and Content > Portal Objects > HomePage > Tabs[/vb]

Then click on “Edit” next to My Page.

My Page Edit

Step 2

Click on the Tab that says “Tab Content.”

PIA - Tab Content

Step 3

Under PeopleSoft Applications, we change Main Menu to “Opt-Dflt” and Menu to “Required.” Then hit Save. This will make the left hand menu always be required and the one with icons on the right show up by default, but can optionally be turned off by the end user.

PS - Menu Layout Defaults

Step 4

Now go over to the Tab Layout Tab. I prefer two columns. This way it fills the browser window. Select 2 Columns and hit save.

PIA Column Layout

Now every user will have this as their default setting when they first login to PIA.

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