PS – Move/Copy a Query to a new Database


PeopleSoft Database Queries

Here are instructions for moving/copying queries back and forth between different PeopleSoft databases. This includes moving between different versions of PeopleTools.

Step 1

Launch App Designer on the server you are wanting to move/copy your queries from.

Step 2

Go to “File > New > Project” and hit “Ok.”

PS App Designer - New Project

Step 3

Move to the “Upgrade” tab on the bottom left section in App Designer.

PS App Designer - Upgrade

Step 4

Click “Insert > Definitions into Project…”

App Designer - Definitions into Project

Step 5

Select the “Definition Type” as Queries. Select your query or queries and hit “Insert.” In this example I am simply copying the ACAD_PLAN_TBL (delivered query) over to a new server. Most likely you are copying over a custom built query that you named yourself.

App Designer - Query Definition Type

Step 6

Now before you can export your query you have to save it to a project. So go to “File > Save Project As…” and select a temporary name for your project. You can always delete it when you are finished transferring.

App Designer - Save Project

Step 7

Now it’s time to export your project. Go to “Tools > Copy Project > To File.” You will want to save to a file if you are transferring your queries to a PS database that is a different version of PeopleTools. If you are transferring your queries between the same version of PeopleTools, then simply select “To Database”, login, and your done! Otherwise, continue reading.

App Designer - Copy Project to File

Step 8

Connect to your destination database and then go to “Tools > Copy Project > From File…” And your done!

App Designer - Copy Project from File

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