PS – “has been updated by another user.”

Was getting a strange error today when using Application Designer. I was editing some of the stylesheets, the PSHDR2_SWAN, a sub style sheet under PSSTYLEDEF_SWAN; went to try and save it and got this error: “PSHDR2_SWAN has been updated by another user. (3,1)”

Application Designer - Error

PSHDR2_SWAN has been updated by another user

I discovered that this had to due with the local caching on my machine from App Designer.

1st Way to Fix this

Close App Designer (copying out any changes you need to save when you come back into it). Browse to C:\PS\Cache (this path might be different depending on where you setup your App Designer to cache on your machine) and delete the corresponding database name folder within there. Relaunch App Designer and then you will be able to save again.

Application Designer - Cache Directory

2nd Way to Fix this

Launch pscfg.exe and click on the “Purge Cache Directories.”

Application Designer - Purge Cache Directories

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