PS Caching – Web Profile Configuration

I have noticed when dealing with changes or additions to users’ security, like adding permission lists; that the changes aren’t always reflected in the PIA navigation immediately. One of these reasons usually has to due with the caching settings in the web profile configuration within PIA.

Web Profile Configuration

To get to the web profile configuration, please see the picture below.

PeopleSoft Web Profile Configuration

Settings to Change

Here are the recommended things to change. (Please note, be careful if you do this in a production environment)
Uncheck “Cache Generated HTML”
Uncheck “Cache Homepage”
Uncheck “Cache Proxied JavasScripts”
Uncheck “Cache Target Content”
Uncheck “Cache Portal Objects”
Uncheck “Cache Menu”
Hit Save.

PeopleSoft Web Profile Configuration Settings

That should allow the menus to update at a more regular rate and not be slowed down due to caching issues.

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