Preview WordPress Blog before DNS has Changed

Below I will show you a quick way to preview/setup your blog before or while you are waiting for your DNS to change. This is especially useful when buying blogs or sites off of Flippa.com. If they can’t push the domain to your account, sometimes the domain transfer can take days and so you don’t want to have to wait to verify everything is up and running.

Preview before DNS Change

This tutorial is assuming that you are running Windows.

Step 1

Browse to your hosts file which is located here:



Step 2

Right click on your hosts file and edit with NotePad or NotePad++. At the very bottom, input the new IP for your address, the one at your new webhost, and then the domain name. Then hit save. (Note: You might have to launch your text editor program as Administrator to be able to save here.)


Step 3

I would then open up command prompt and ping your domain name to verify that the IP change took affect. Once your domain’s DNS has really transferred over, you can then remove this entry from your hosts file.