Fast track Prevention of Data Loss and Theft

Advancement in technology has certainly been a key instrument in improving the economy and making lives convenient; but, at the same time, the same has also given rise to malicious activities like cyber-crime. As we know that besides the workforce, the most important asset of any organization is the information that the organization deals with; however, the alarming increase in cyber-crime is posing a very serious threat to security of this crucial data, and we see that the data theft has become one of the most common forms of cyber-crime.

Prevention of Data Loss and Theft

Well, data theft is a process where your personal details, like your sensitive passwords, social security numbers, your bank details, or the files of your business organization are stolen. Hence, it ought to be on top of your priority list to keep your data secure. Consider it coming straight out of the horse’s mouth or you can ask Mr Chase. For, Anthony Chase is a data security manager at Metacompliance specialists in compliance management software.

Ways of Data Theft

With the hawk eyes around, your data can become a prey in a number of ways. The threat can be internal like from your staff’s activity, who has thrown his ethics to shredders or an external from an intruder with intent to steal from your system. It can be from online hackers as well wanting to misuse your sensitive data.

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The sneaky data storage devices like the CDs, pen-drives, smart phones come handy to you, but unfortunately they also are very convenient devices for copying data from your system. Then again, your data can also be just transferred online to a remote destination.

We can quote the example of Zynga Inc. and Kixeye Inc., both competitors and developers of online games. Zynga filed a law suit, to which Kixeye ultimately made an out of the court settlement. Zynga claimed that one of its former employee before leaving, downloaded sensitive files of the company to a Dropbox account and went to work for Kixeye. Though, the employee also later apologized to its former employer.

The Pandora box of such cases is much more than meets the eye. For, many cases go unreported. A survey conducted by an information-security software company has revealed that almost half of the employees surveyed admitted that they took sensitive business information from the offices before quitting the job.


Hence, you need to put on your thinking cap and plan where you should keep your data storing devices physically so that they are secure, and also how to protect the binary data itself. There should be more restrictions and limited accesses to where the more sensitive data is stored.
Then, creating separate accounts for your employees comes in handy. This makes it easy for you to grant access to each individual employee to which level you want, which is better than granting unlimited accesses to everyone. Then, you can also revoke the access of the employee any time you want. By creating individual accounts you can also monitor our employee’s activities, and they become accountable for any unwanted activity.

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There are also data Loss Prevention software, which can help you ensure data security. Such software can disable USB ports hence copying of files to USB devices cannot be executed. These software can just monitor the employee’s activities or block it completely.

Then, you should make stringent compliance policies and ensure they are adhered. You should also keep analyzing and updating them at regular intervals. For better results you also need to educate your employees, make them aware of the policies, the procedures, and the consequences of not following them.

All in All

Where there are problems there are solutions, where there are malicious practices there are innovative protective measures, and where there are data thefts there are data security measures. It is all a win-win situation for you, if you follow the rules and abide by them.

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