Peachtree “database engine on the server is unavailable”

Sage 50 Accounting, previously known as Peachtree, can be tricky at times when it comes to errors. If you have received either of the error’s below, try following these instructions.

“Database Engine on the Server is Unavailable”

“Failure to Load DLL error during Year End Wizard”

If you have moved your Peachtree installation to a new server, there are small files created within each company folder and archive company folder that specifies the server name at which it is looking at.

The file is called ~PVSW~.LOC

If you are having trouble doing your year-end closing with Peachtree (Sage Accounting) then it could be because you have moved your installation within that year and the backup is failing because of locations hard-coded within your .LOC files. Also, depending upon what you choose with the year-end close backup, it also goes through and scans your archive folders.

To fix this, simply delete the ~PVSW~.LOC files, and they will be re-created when the backup is launched. This should hopefully fix those errors above. If not, make sure to also verify the locations in your .ini files normally located in your %Program Files%\Common Files\Peach directory.

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