Our List For Free Multiplayer Browser Games

The internet is full of games you can play either on your own or with a friend, many of which are really worth a try. We’ve looked at some of them and put together this list containing the most interesting and fun free online games you can play together with a friend.

Games for two players using the same computer

1. Gun Mayhem

This is a fun, colorful fighting game which lets you play as a cartoonish mobster figure as you attempt to blow your opponents away. To do this you can use weapons which drop from the sky as you go, alongside various power-ups including shields, speed boosters, or extra lives. You can set the controls for up to four players, which is bound to be very chaotic, but also very fun!

There’s also a sequel you can try if you want a similar, but even better gaming experience: Gun Mayhem 2.

2. Stick Figure Badminton 2

This one is pretty straightforward, but it can turn out to be really fun! One player controls his character with the WASD keys, while the other has the use of the arrow keys. Pressing Down or S swings the racket, while the others can be used to move around and jump. No sign up is necessary, but you will need the Flash player.

3. Tank Wars

Everybody loves a good tank battle, and this is precisely what Tank Wars offers. Basically a quaint physics game, Tank Wars allows you to set the angle and speed of the projectile your machine shoots, taking into account conditions like the landscape and wind speed. Every impact creates a huge crater, which can change the environment quite a bit. This isn’t the fastest game you can play with a friend (partly because it’s turn based), but it can be really fun if you play it with a friend.

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4. Fortz

A simple, yet surprisingly captivating game, Fortz will put you and a friend in charge of “forts” on opposite sides of the screen, each with the objective of taking down the opponent.

You do this by gathering power-ups or ammo for cannons, and things quickly turn into a race against the clock to see who can outwit and outmaneuver the opposing player first.

5. Sports Heads Football

Right off the bat we’ll have to clarify for our American readers that this is European football (i.e., soccer) we’re talking about. Sports Heads Football allows you to play head to head, so to speak, as a single player (incidentally with the likeness of various current or former superstars) with an oversized head.

The controls are really simple (WASD and the arrow keys to move, Space to shoot), and you can get different power-ups which can make the game even more fun. The winner is whoever scores more goals within the time limit.

Games for two players battling it out on the internet

1. Cube Slam

Cube Slam is a beautiful game created by Google which reveals the power of HTML5 and shows just how great-looking and smooth a browser game can get. It’s basically a version of the classic Pong game, only in this game you have a first person perspective and you can either play a friend or a… bear, for some reason.

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In addition to the core game mechanic (you have to use your paddle to get a puck past your opponent), as you go forward through the levels your can also collect various power-ups, making the experience that more interesting.

2. Battleship Online

This is one of the most popular two player games in any medium, and the fact that you can now play it online with your friends makes it even better! You’re probably familiar with the rules: set up a 10-by-10 grid, select your battleship and click on your opponent’s grid to try to hit his ship and sink it.

You can choose one of two fleet types, classic or Russian; the later offers more options, making the game that much more fun. If you don’t have a friend available at the moment, you can play a random person online, and you don’t even need Flash player for the game to work!

3. Lichness

Another great take on a classic game, Lichess is more than just a place to play a casual game of chess. In fact, it’s a great tool to connect to other chess enthusiasts from around the world and to practice and learn more about this fascinating game.

That being said, the fact that you can quickly set up a game with a friend and take advantage of its learning resources without having to even sign up first makes this a fantastic website for those looking to simply have some fun playing chess.

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4. 8-Ball Pool

Pool games are always fun to play, both offline and online. In the latter case, the graphics and the physics are what separate the good from the great, and by this test 8-Ball Pool is a really great game. You’ll have to sign up for a Miniclip account to be able to play this one however, but it’s definitely worth a couple of minutes for all the fun you can have playing the game.

5. Speed Sudoku

Sudoku is a fun game you can play all by yourself if you just want to test your wits, but can make it even better if you add another player and turn it into a competitive thing. With Speed Sudoku, you can have as many as four players simultaneously in a single game, trying to see you can solve the numeric puzzle faster.

Unlike most other games on this list, sign up is necessary, but at least you won’t need the Flash player.

We encourage you to try all of these games and tell us what you think! Which one of them is your favorite? Are there other awesome browser games you know about that you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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