Open Windows Services on Remote Computer

Maybe remote desktop is not available or perhaps you just want to check or restart a windows service on a remote computer. Follow the steps below to open windows services through MMC. This applies to Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8; as well as Windows Server Editions.

Windows Services

Step 1

Launch MMC by hitting the windows key and searching for MMC.


Step 2

Go to File > Add/Remove Snap-In.


Step 3

Click on “services” and click add.


Step 4

Select “Another Computer” and type in the name of the computer you are wanting to check on the services for.


Step 5

You should now have the services available.



If the above doesn’t connect, it is probably due to a security issue or firewall. Try allowing “Remote Service Management” in the firewall on the computer you are trying to connect to.


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