OneNote 2010 – Hotkey to Delete a Note

I pretty much live in Microsoft OneNote 2010 at work. I am in the midst of a big project and it requires that I take lots and lots of notes. I snap pictures with OneNote’s screen clipper all the time (Windows Key + S), to compare them against another screen.

Hotkey to Delete a Note in OneNote 2010

I do this so much that I sometimes get busy with other things, so I save my clippings in OnteNote’s unfiled Note section. This way, if I happen to reboot my computer, or don’t save them, they are always there. Below is a hotkey to delete a Note.

Step 1

With a note open, press CTRL+SHIFT+A. (This will highlight the entire note page, not just the contents on the page)

Select OneNote Note

Step 2

Press DEL (this will delete the entire page).

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