OCS on your Android phone


There are currently two apps in the marketplace that serve as an app for Microsoft Office Communicator. I will be doing a short review on each of them. In my review, I am using an original Motorola DROID, so depending on your phone the apps might behave a little different than mine.

Office Talk Free (Android MarketPlace Link)

Office Talk

- UI a little lacking
- Fast and good performance
- Easy Setup
- Works with Exchange 2007 and 2010
Right now I am using this app and its working pretty good.

AndrOCS Beta (Android Marketplace Link)


- Great UI
- Okay performance
- Easy Setup
- Still experiencing issues with it crashing
- Works with Exchange 2007 and 2010

Please comment if you have had experiences with these apps on different phones…

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  • tommy

    Ok,I ‘m going to download now. Thank you :)

  • Ben

    I’ve been using Office Talk Free for 6 months now, and it’s superb.

  • Ashok

    I installed Office Talk Free in my Xperia Neo V. Only issue is that the conversations were not getting saved or else it is working like a charm.

  • Bernardo

    Isn’t it risky to put your corporate username+pwd in an app you don’t know where it comes from or how is the treatment they give to your confidential credentials? I’ve downloaded it but scared when I started to think on above’s situation. Cheers. Bernardo

  • Deann

    Good site

  • Jack

    Thanks Mate, very helpful!

  • Zakhar Ka

    I cant loggin

    I dont know what is the adrres for server

  • Polaris Silvertree

    You can also use Lync2010 for Android if your company has upgraded. That is a native MS product…

    • http://theitbros.com/ Brian Jackson

      Thanks for sharing!

  • Javier Victor Mariano Bruno

    Office Talk free its a good client, but non of this support voice calls :(

  • Suraj

    Any app to install OCS on windows phone