No Sound in Windows 8 Creative Soundcard

If any of you out there have a Creative soundcard and are running Windows 8, you may have run into a few issues audio issues. I’m running Windows 8 Pro with a Creative Sound Blaster Fatal1ty Pro sound card installed. I have noticed two issues. The settings in my Creative Audio Control Panel software do not save correctly and are completely forgotten upon restarting, as well as there being no sound at all after rebooting my computer.

No Sound – Windows 8

This can be fixed by switching modes every time which turns the sound back on, but this is rather annoying and I wanted to find a more permanent fix. Here is a fix that has worked for me so far to allow the Audio Control Panel to save all of your settings and preserve them through a reboot, as well as fixing the problem of the sound going out.

Step 1

Go into your Creative Audio Control Panel and setup your settings just the way you like

Step 2

Now put the computer in sleep mode (Charms[Bottom Right Corner]->Settings->Power->Sleep)

Step 3

Once your computer has gone into sleep mode, go ahead and wake it up

Step 4

Done! You can try rebooting now and your sound should come back along with all of your preserved settings

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While I would hope Creative would put out some new Windows 8 drivers for their old sound cards, I don’t know when/if that will happen. Luckily, this a pretty quick and painless fix for the time being.

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  • Олег Грабчак

    thanks a lot. everything works fine. genius

  • Kris yew

    Hai,Brett Jackson im window 8.1 and using sound blaster recon3Di every time i sleep mode or restart same as u said,no sound only can be fix switching speaker and headphone the sound coming back,i dont understand the step 2,when i put in sleep mode i cant click anything because it was sleep mode?