New to Facebook Advertising? Claim $50 coupon for $5.00

Are you new to Facebook advertising? Perhaps you want to start advertising for your business. Besides marketing with Google Adwords, Facebook advertising is also a great avenue to advertise in. You can also “target” advertise much more than you can with Google Adwords. Want to only show ads to a certain age range? You can do that! Saves you money from clicks that won’t convert when you can target the exact demographic that you want.

Facebook Advertising

Here is a quick way to start out with $50.00 on your new Facebook advertising account (only applies for ad accounts 14 days old or newer), for a mere $5.00. Follow the instructions below and receive your $50.00 within 24 hours. How do you know how old your Facebook ad account is? From my research, it starts the moment you pay for your first ad campaign.

Step 1

We are a big fan of Fiverr.com. If you aren’t familiar with it, it is a community where you can buy services for $5.00. People do everything from writing articles, to creating videos, etc. You would be surprised to find out what things people will do for $5.00. If you don’t have an account on their website, sign up for one here.

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Step 2

Once you have an account setup, visit this service: http://fiverr.com/fb_guy/send-you-whopping-80usd-facebook-voucher from user fb_guy. He has 96% feedback rating.

Step 3

Click on the “Order Now” button. Pay your $5.00 and you will receive a notification via email once the service has been completed. Simply log back in to your Fiverr account and copy the coupon code.


Tip for already running Facebook Ad Campaign

To add a coupon code to an already running Facebook ad campaign, simply visit this page: https://secure.facebook.com/ads/manage/funding.php. Then click on the “Add New Funding Source” button on the top right. Select “Facebook AD Coupon”, hit continue and enter in the coupon code you received from the Fiverr service. And it is then immediately applied to your account.


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  • Angel Clemente

    Thanks for the tip. I bough the coupon from Fiverr today and it worked like a charm! 🙂

    • Great, glad it worked for you! Great for people just starting out for Facebook advertising. Can’t beat $50 in ads for $5.00!

  • Above article has been updated as of 02.19.13

  • Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately this won’t work if you have any previously applied coupons. This is a one time thing for new accounts. Hope that helps!

  • diegonavland

    This really works, thanks a lot.