Migrate Mac Mail to Microsoft’s Outlook.com Service

This is a tutorial on how to move all of your email from your Mac Mail client to Microsoft’s Outlook.com service. Thanks to Mike Alexander on the tip about OS version. If you are running anything before Lion then all you have to do is go into Outlook and choose import. If you are running Lion or up, follow the instructions below.

Convert Mac Mail to Outlook.com

You will need the following to complete the tutorial:

  • Access to your Mac Email Client
  • Access to a PC with Microsoft Outlook 2007 or Outlook 2010 (2013 doesn’t work with this procedure)
  • $50.00 to purchase EML to PST Converter (http://www.birdiesoftware.com/eml-to-pst/)

Step 1

First you will need to purchase an EML to PST Converter and install it on a PC. We recommend the one from Birdie Software here: http://www.birdiesoftware.com/eml-to-pst/. There might be other EML to PST Converter’s out there. This is simply the one we have used and we know it works.

It is $50.00, but if you are making the move to Microsoft from Mac it is probably worth. You gotta have your emails! If you find one that works that is cheaper please comment below.

Also they have a trial, so you can download the trial, follow the rest of this tutorial just to make sure everything works good and then come back and purchase it to migrate everything.

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Step 2

Next we are going to go to your Mac and copy your email folders over to your PC. You can copy them to a network share and then back down or to a USB drive/external hard drive.

We are going to browse to the folder on your Mac where your email is stored. POP3 and IMAP emails are stored here:


~ is your user library that is hidden by default but can be reached in Finder’s menubar, Finder > Go > Hold the option key down > select library

If you browse through those folders you will see the names of your email accounts and if you drill down you can see your email folders, etc. It will be pretty self explanatory on what you need to copy. I suggest copying from the root folder, possibly even just the entire V2 folder.


Step 3

Assuming you now have your email folder copied to your PC, you will want to launch the EML to PST Converter software. In our example we are using the one from Birdie Software. Click on the “Add Folder having EML File(s)…” button and select the root of your email folder that you copied from your Mac.

If you have more than 1500 messages, we recommend doing this in small batches. If you are simply testing this before purchasing the software, simply try with a drilled down folder within your mailbox.

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Step 4

Once you have selected the folder simply hit the “Convert Messages” button at the bottom. This will convert it into a PST file which we will user later on.

Step 5

Now we are going to install the Microsoft Outlook Hotmail Connector. This will allow us to setup your Outlook.com email account temporarily in your Microsoft Outlook client as an activesync service instead of POP3. This will allow us later on to be able to move content into it. You will need to download either the 32-bit or 64-bit one matching your Office installation.

Microsoft Outlook 32-bit Hotmail Connector: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=24677
Microsoft Outlook 64-bit Hotmail Connector: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=21305

Go ahead and walk through the installer.

Step 6

Now launch Microsoft Outlook 2007 or 2010 and you will receive a dialog box prompting you if you want to add your Hotmail/Live account. Go ahead and say yes. If you accidentally close this prompt, you can always open it back up by going to add a new account, select other, and the Microsoft Outlook Hotmail connector will be available to choose from.

Then in the dialog box for credentials, input your Outlook.com email information.


Step 7

K, now that we have your Outlook.com account setup within your Outlook client, we now need to open the .PST file we created earlier. So in Outlook, go to File > Open > Open Outlook Data File (.pst).

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Step 8

Now on the left hand side you will see a section with the PST you opened and a section with your Outlook.com account. Now you can simply copy and paste the folders/messages between the two accounts. And since we used the Outlook Hotmail Connector, the connection supports pushing/copying data both ways.


And that’s it! After you have finished copying your folders across you have now successfully migrated your email from your MAC mail client to Outlook.com!

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