Microsoft Security Essentials Error Upon Windows Startup 0x80070002

If you are receiving an error upon windows starting up in Windows 7, Error code: 0x80070002, after trying to uninstall Microsoft Security Essentials then follow the steps below to fix it.


Microsoft Security Essentials

Step 1

First you will want to download and run the Microsoft Fix it tool from here:


Step 2

In our instance, the Fix it tool doesn’t clean/fix everything and we still need to delete a certain registry entry. So go to the start menu and launch “Regedit.”


Step 3

Now browse to the following location. One of the folders under the “Uninstall” folder will contain a Microsoft Security Essentials entry on the right hand side. Delete that one.

[vb]HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current version\Uninstall\[/vb]


Step 4

Reboot your computer, and hopefully the error is now gone.

Additional Tips/Sources

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  • elaine peters

    how do i fix my sytem administrator 0x80070002

    • Sunil Padmanabhan

      Go into msconfig from Run Dialog box and disabled Microsoft Security Essentials from Start Up. I would recommend that you use a good third party tool for your PC Protection.

  • Roberto Markham

    I suffer from the same problem [Windows?] oh sorry, I mean the above as shown in the error picture except that this piece of MS junk does not give me the courtesy of an error code.
    So how do I go about getting rid of this abominable blow-man?

  • Johnny

    Thanks for the tips