Make the Windows 8 Start Menu Behave Like Windows 7

Stardock has just made another release of their replacement start menu for Windows 8, called Start8. And this time they got it right.

Windows 8 Start Menu

They include a configuration panel which allows you to do certain things that most of us always did in Windows 7. An example of one is to disable “Highlight newly installed applications.”


They also included an option to switch back and forth between the two different types of start menus, Windows 7 style and Windows 8 style.


A key feature we wanted in the Windows 8 start menu, which isn’t there, is the ability to search Apps, Settings, and Files all at the same time. You still have to do your search first, and then click on App, Settings, or Files to see the results. Start8, Windows 7 style gives us the feature back, allowing you to search everything on your hard drive. The application costs $4.99, but in our opinion, it is worth every penny. Let me tell you, when I upgrade my parents to Windows 8, this will be the first app that goes on there.

Run Metro Apps in Windows on your Desktop

If you like Start8, make sure to check out our article on ModernMix. It is another new application from Stardock which allows you to run Metro apps in windows on your desktop. Another must have application for Windows 8 desktop users.

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