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Configuring SSH Key-Based Authentication on Linux

The Internet is full of manuals on how to configure the SSH key-based authentication on a Linux server. Every time we have to do this, we were searching for additional information, because we always forget some nuances. At this time, we decided to write instruction for us and for

How to reset MySQL root password on Linux

It’s a pretty common situation when you lost your MySQL root password. In earlier versions there was a possibility to open my.cnf file and get the password. But in our situation it’s not that easy. Anyway, we can stop MySQL service, then start with certain key, reset password and

How to Migrate from Windows to Linux Mint

If you are planning to migrate from Windows to Linux Mint, but you don’t know how to keep your programs, which are fully compatible with Windows, in this tutorial we will show you how to do this. To keep all your programs and data from Windows 10 we need

How to Dual Boot Linux with Windows 10

Okay, so you have Windows 10 on you PC and wish to Dual boot it with a Distro of Linux? With certain hiccups Microsoft have put in a relatively easy task, things are a little different with Windows 10. This is mainly due to the UEFI issue. For this

Best Linux Apps

Whether it’s popular, cross-platform applications, or lesser-known apps and tools specially developed for Linux, users of the open-source operating system can have their pick of many pieces of software. Best thing of all, since we’re talking about Linux, almost all of them are free! Here’s a list of some

Linux Mint for Noobs – Getting Started

Windows is easy and familiar. It has been the de facto operating system on most computers for the past twenty years or so- and for the majority of people who use PCs, it’s the only operating system that they know of. It’s easy to see why some people are