Kindle Touch 3G Review

Now I am not such a big fan of the 3G feature on the new Kindle Touch particularly because I am careful to download the books I want to read at home and then I don’t really care if I don’t have access to the internet. But then again I am the kind of reader that just reads for fun so I don’t need constant access to the internet, to check out Wikipedia entries for some interesting reference I am not sure about.

New Kindle Touch 3G

However there are many professionals who will need this feature and who will be willing to pay the extra 50 bucks to enjoy the new Kindle Touch 3G so let’s take a closer look at the reasons someone will be paying 50% more on their Kindle.

Quality 8/10

As I have said before you can’t really give top marks to a product you have never seen so I will have to get back to you with a complete grade once I will have seen the Kindle Touch 3G. Still judging from the features it possesses it does seem like a very nice eBook reader. The 3G feature is something that you just need to pay once and you’ll be able to enjoy for free for the rest of the time you’ll be using the Kindle. And from my own experience with the Kindle 3G I can tell you that the coverage here in the States is great but in Europe you will have problems with it. There it only works in the major cities but since the Kindle Touch 3G is only being release in the states this is really not a deal breaker.

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Performance 9/10

Of course, not having actually tested the Kindle Touch 3G it is very difficult to talk about its connectivity abilities, however the wireless and 3G feature is one that we have seen on other Kindle devices and it works great for downloading books. And now with Amazon investing in developing a web browser of their own they have been able to integrate part of that technology in to improving the download speeds. But the real reason you would be buying into the 3G feature is the new X-Ray feature that lets you work from any point of interest in the book to explore more details about that particular aspect on line in Wikipedia and Shelfari. Just thinking about the moments when I would be reading about some isolated castle in Mexico and the ease with which I could learn more about it almost made me jump in and buy the Kindle Touch 3G, but then I realized I get to absorbed by a book to actually switch topics.

Value 8/10

In case you haven’t noticed by now I am not really partial to the Kindle Touch 3G because it actually represents a 50% increase in the price. However I must admit that when you couple that with the new X-Ray feature it almost sounds like something you should be paying for. I actually believe that the new X-Ray feature will change the way we read books so for that feature alone, if you read a lot while traveling, the effort in paying for the 3G technology might be worth it.

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The new Kindle Touch 3G is just the upgraded, always connected to the internet brother of the Kindle Touch. If you are really going to use the 3G feature then it is something that you will need to buy. But don’t wave it off as being just 50 bucks more because when you consider that the Kindle Touch is $99 it suddenly becomes apparent that you will be paying 50% more. And believe me when you will find a coupon or a code allowing you to buy one Kindle Touch and get the second one at half the price those 50 bucks more will really gain perspective.

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