windows 10 install printer

How to install printer on Windows 10

In this article you are going to find out how to install printer on Windows 10. Doing this is very simple and straightforward. Now, before you can actually do this, make sure that your printer is actually connected to a power source. Also, your computer needs to be connected to the Internet. Let’s start.

Install printer on Windows 10

At first you have to connect your printer to your PC. You can do that by taking the USB cord, connect it to your printer, and then connect the same cord to your PC. After doing all of that Windows will automatically take your printer, and because you are connected to the Internet, it will install the necessary files.

Now, you have to check if your printer has been successfully installed. Right click on the Start button and go to Settings -> Devices. In the following window you should see a list of printers. Now, if your printer has been successfully installed, you should see it among this list. In our case we are using HP LaserJet P1006.

windows 10 printers

What to do if you don’t see your printer? What if your printer was not installed successfully? Right now we will show you how to fix this issue.

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You need to install the software manually. The thing you need to do is install your printer by using the CD that comes with a printer. If you know you have that compact disk, just put it in your computer and try to install the software. If you do that your printer will work and Windows 10 will detect your printer.

But suppose that you cannot find that CD. Don’t worry, we can still fix it quite easily.

All you have to do now you have to go online and download the software for your printer. Just go to the browser and type in something like that: “HP LaserJet P1006 driver Windows 10”. In your case you just need to type in the same, but with your printer name.

This will take you to your printer’s manufacturer website. You should see the link to download actual driver. Once we have downloaded the driver, you can install that file, and then you can set up your printer. If you do that properly your printer will work.

Now, we need to set your printer as default printer. It makes thing really easy and quick. So, let’s do it.

To set your printer as default printer all you have to do is click on the start button, type “Printers” and click where it says Devices and Printers. After that, go to the section that says Printers. Now, right click on your printer and click where it says Set as default printer.

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windows 10 default printer

After doing that this will be your default printer and you will be able to print your pages really quick, without selecting the printer.

That’s pretty much all to install printer. Hopefully, your issue is fixed.

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