Install HP Mini TouchPad drivers

HP Mini TouchPad Drivers

If anyone has recently purchased an HP Mini Netbook they might notice one thing not working after a fresh install of Windows 7. The touchpad scrolling doesn’t seem to work after fresh install of Windows 7 x32.\

HP Mini TouchPad Drivers

Read below to find out what you need to get it working. The nice thing is, Windows Updates should pick up everything else automatically.

Step 1

First thing you will need to do is download the Synaptics Touchpad Driver from their website. Download them here.

Step 2

If this is a netbook, most likely you are running 32-bit of Windows 7 and so you will need to click on “Windows Vista 32-bit Edition v10.1.8” while on Synaptics’ website.

Step 3

Once you download it, simply double click on it to run it and then you will have to restart your computer.

Step 4

No configuration is necessary. Once you have restarted, you will once again have your touchpad scrolling back.

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  • Vijoy Alexander

    I have HP mini 200 with windows 7 starter bought one year back. Since then the touchpad is not working; even the toggle light- neither red nor green-nothing. I downloaded the synaptics touchpad driver and installed but still result is same. Kindly advise what to do? Thanks in advance