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Install Go Daddy SSL Cert using WHM/Cpanel

If you are receiving a certificate error about it not being a trusted source then it is most likely you installed your SSL cert wrong. Follow the instructions below to install an SSL Cert you purchased from Go Daddy.

This article assumes you have already purchased an SSL cert and generated a CSR. (For more information on renewing an SSL Cert and generating the CSR, please see this article: http://theitbros.com/how-to-renew-your-ssl-certificate-on-godaddy/)

Go Daddy SSL Cert

Step 1

First let’s download your certificate from within the Go Daddy control panel.

Step 2

Under the main part of your account, browse down to the SSL Certificates section and click on the green “Launch” button.


Step 3

Then select your certificate and click on the “download” button.


Step 4

This will download a .zip file which contains your Cert and bundle file.


Step 5

Open up your main .crt file, the one with your domain name in it and copy the entire contents, including the —–BEGIN CERTIFICATE—– and

Step 6

Now Login to WebHost Manager and under the SSL/TLS Header click on the “Install a SSL Certificate and Setup the Domain.”


Step 7

If you have already generated a CSR from within WHM you can probably on the Browse button next to the domain and it will detect the domain waiting to issue the SSL cert to. If not, you will need to type the domain, user, and IP.

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Step 8

There are three boxes, in the top box, paste the contents of the .crt you copied in Step 5. If WHM auto detected, still erase what it auto detects and paste what you downloaded from Go Daddy, otherwise your cert authority will fail. I have made this mistake before.

Step 9

In the 2nd box you will need to paste your private key. You should have gotten this when you generated your CSR. It is also usually emailed to you from your web server.

Step 10

In the 3rd box, paste the contents of the gd_bundle.crt file you downloaded from Go Daddy. It will most likely contain more than one key, copy and paste the entire contents of the file.

Step 11

Hit the Submit button and you should be good to go!

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