IE9 unable to download… Error

Well, its been a long time since I posted an article, but now that my life is fairly back to normal I will begin posting some articles again, like this article on the IE9 error.

IE9 Error

I have been using the new Internet Explorer 9 in beta and have actually been enjoying it. Looks like Microsoft is finally getting the ball rolling. However, being beta it definitley still has some issues.
A big error I have come across has become a big nuisance. Whenever I go to download something I get this error. (file and website have been removed)

IE9 download error

The one way I have found to fix this is to press CTRL+SHIFT+DELETE and then select delete ‘download history’.

IE9 - Clear Download History

Once you do that, you have to close IE9 and restart it. This works about 80% of the time.

Also, another problem I have had is that Flash will just stop working and I have to reinstall the latest version of Adobe Flash from here.

If anyone else has fixes for the downloading problem, please post! Thank you.

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