IE9 – Go back multiple pages


Go Back Multiple Pages in IE9

So if you are like me you probably are used to the little drop down arrow next to the back and forward buttons to be able to navigation back multiple pages at a time. For me this is crucial, I use this feature everyday. Well in IE9 I discovered that there is no little arrow. But the feature is still there. All you have to do is right click on either of the buttons and you will get the drop down menu selection for past/forward pages.

IE9 - Go back multiple pages

You can download IE9 here:

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  • Gabe

    You can click and hold on either of the back and forward buttons as well :)

  • Brian Jackson

    Thanks for that tip, I didn’t realize that.

  • Zoe

    Very handy. Tx.

  • Angela

    Thanks, it’s the simple things

    • Brian Jackson

      Np, glad to help :)

  • Max

    Pretty much sucks that so many people have to resort to Google searches in order to use the latest version of IE…

    • Brian Jackson

      Ya, I fully agree.

      • louiza

        me too.

  • Michel Silver

    Many thanks! That’s been bugging me since I downloaded IE9.

  • Nina

    Thanks for help.
    Why IE9 is so user unfriendly?! It is not intuitive at all.
    I had to waste my time searching help for simple things!