HP Ink Coupons

I am sure some will think this is not a really a “how to post” and considering the highly technical details we have seen so far they would be correct. But I would have to contend that my almost monthly frustration of being overcharged on my printer needs must be shared by others and as proof I have found and bookmarked this website about HP Ink Coupons, http://hpinkcoupons.net/ which is the site of a guy who is just a annoyed with the prices we pay and who had decided to do something about it.

In the past I used to go to Amazon and just buy the biggest ink cartridge I could find, hoping that I would get a discount for buying in bulk and also that it would be more than a month until I needed a new one. And of course I contacted an ink manufacturer that claimed he could refill my old cartridge for half the price, and he did, but my new HP printer has a smart chip technology and it knows when it has been refilled and refuses to work. So I can honestly say that I understand and sympathies with what this guy is saying about putting in the time and finding a coupon when you are going to make a big purchase like he says on this page http://hpinkcoupons.net/hp-coupon-code/ about HP Ink Coupons.

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However my problem has always been that I honestly do not have the patience to search for a coupon for something as trivial as an ink cartridge. It is only after several months go by and I take a look back a realize just how much ink I have used up, that I realize also how much money I have spent. Especially since quite often enough I will buy a retail ink package and only afterwards realize that my color inks were still full and all I needed was the black one which is sold separately. So now we are getting closer to the reason why I would bookmark a website: I have already had the opportunity to download a coupon code from them and got a 15% discount. Now that may not be much now but it will certainly make me feel better a few months from now when I will look back and consider how much money I have spent on this endeavor.

Of course I will need to make it a point out of checking out the website and hope that there is a coupon available for my region. Because I will certainly not have the patience to wait for a coupon but I do expect that at least half the times I will find one. My only advice is to actually check out the fine print on your ink cartridge bags that he is talking about here http://hpinkcoupons.net/hp-printer-ink-cartridges/ because I haven’t and only after I had paid 15 bucks to refill my cartridges did I found out that they were actually booby-trapped. Most of the printers out there will have this option but because I had to buy the most expensive printer I no longer have this option and I am relegated to hoping to find good HP ink coupons.

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