How to Use All of Your Internet Plan Data

If you’re on one of those expensive high-speed broadband plans, you probably don’t want to leave too much of your bandwidth unused at the end of the month. After all, you’ve already paid for it, so why let it go to waste?

The reason people get these expensive data plans in the first place is because regular plans switch to a lower speed after the bandwidth has been used up.

Basically you’re giving extra money to keep having a decent internet connection throughout the period you’re paying for it. The least you could do is actually use up all that data and not let the internet service provider profit from you even more than it already is!

So how exactly can you do that? Well, first you’ll need to know how much data you have available, since every subscriber has their monthly billing cycle. You can easily find this out by logging into your ISP account: this shows you not only your total allowed data use, but also how much of that data you’ve actually went through.

After performing this simple task, check to see when exactly does your billing cycle start. If, for example, yours starts on the 20th of each month, you will want to check in and see how much unused data you have shortly before this date, at least a day before but probably a few days in advance would be even better. You can actually set a Google calendar alert or something similar to remind you to do this.

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Some ISPs might even send you a message when you’ve reached a certain point in your data limit, usually somewhere near the end. If your billing cycle has nearly expired and you haven’t received anything like that, it means there’s a large data download up ahead.

If you find yourself in the final day(s) of your billing cycle and you still have a sizeable chunk of your data left, you will probably want to use it all up quickly, or it will go to waste (and the ISP wins, don’t let the ISP win!).

Besides, since there’s not that much time left on the cycle, you basically will not even feel the slower speed kicking in – so you actually don’t have anything to lose, either!

Here are a few things you could do to quickly go through a large amount of download data if you find yourself in the situation we’ve described above:

1. App updates: Most of your mobile apps are in constant need of updates. You probably shouldn’t set then on auto-update mode and only perform this task over Wi-Fi connection.

However, if at the end of the billing cycle you still have a lot of data available, this is the perfect moment to update all of them. This way you’ll know you’re up to date with all the tools and services you’re using, and you’re not wasting any data on your plan either.

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2. Stream TV shows and movies: Streaming movies and TV shows also gets you through a huge amount of data really quickly. This is also one of the most fun ways of maxing out your data plan, since there’s always some interesting movie out or a TV show you have to catch up on.

An HD movie can mean about 2GB of data worth of download, and you can watch it as part of your Netflix subscription, or you can rent it through services live Apple TV or Amazon.

If you haven’t upgraded to Windows 10 yet, this is another process you might to save your data for, since it could require about 3GB for every device you perform the upgrade on.

So there you have it, now you know what to do in case you have one of those broadband data plans and you’re still left with plenty of data at the end of each billing cycle.

At the very least, we hope this post has provided you with a bit of motivation to start thinking about this issue and perhaps actually do something about it. Happy downloading!

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