windows 10 default printer change

How to stop Windows 10 from automatically changing default printer to the last one used

If you are annoyed at the fact that your printer is shared and changing all the time, then there is a little option for that. Microsoft changed the automatic printer selection in Windows 10. Before you would choose what default printer you wanted to use and it always would stay like that (even in case if you wanted to change default printer you have to do it manually).

In Windows 10 default printer is last used printer. So if you have more than one printers and use, for example, a main printer and another one only for specific items you might be annoyed at the fact that printer that you use not very often actually becomes the default printer.

There’s a way to fix this:

In Windows 10 go to Action center => All settings.

all settings windows 10

Click on Devices.

windows 10 devices

Now you’ll have a list of printers and scanners installed.

add printers windows 10

There’s a little switcher there that says Let Windows manage my defaults printer: When turned on, the default printer is the last used printer.

manage default printer windows 10

Turn it off to make sure Windows doesn’t do that.

By turning this switcher off, it means that the default printer you have always stays the default and the other printers will stay secondary.

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The option is very useful if you want to use your specific printer all day long and don’t want Windows to change it.

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