How to Sign In and Setup Lync Online Trial

This is a short tutorial on showing you how to install and sign into your Lync Online (Office 365) trial using the desktop client.

Lync Online

Step 1

We are assuming you have already setup a trial account. The first thing to do is sign in to the Microsoft Portal here:


Step 2

Then click on “Home.”


Step 3

Then click on “Install Lync” under the Lync header.


Step 4

The choose whether your computer is 32 bit or 64 bit and click on “Install.” Note: It doesn’t matter what architecture of Office you have.


Step 5

Walk through the Lync installer.


Step 6

Now launch the Lync client, click on the gear at the top right and go to Tools > Options.


Step 7

For the sign-in address, use whatever email you chose when setting up your trial. Most likely it will be your name, like (see more info here:

For the Internal and External server name or IP Address fields, use the following:


Step 8

Now try signing in. The first time you will receive an error saying “To sign in, additional software is required.” So click on “Download and install now?” and run the installer.


Step 9

Now try signing back into the Lync client and you should be good to go!


To test the “Online Meeting” part in Outlook, make sure you restart your Outlook client.