How to Save Session Tabs in Firefox 5.0

I noticed upon upgrading to Firefox 5.0 that it no longer has the option to “save your tabs” / “save session” when you are closing.

Save Session Tabs in Firefox 5.0

The way they do this is a little different. Follow the instructions below.

Step 1

With your tabs still open, simply close Firefox 5.0.

Step 2

When you re-launch Firefox, you have two options. If you left Firefox with the default Home Page on, then you can simply click on “Restore Previous Session.” If you changed the default home page then follow step 3.

Firefox Restore Previous Session

Step 3

After you re-launch Firefox, go up to the Firefox tab, go to History, and then click on “Restore Previous Session.”

Firefox 5.0 History Session

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  • Max

    You can also get around this by using the TabMix+ addon. I normally run about 15 to 20 open tabs in at least 2 windows and I have had no issues, as long as Tab Mix is installed. Yeah, it confused me on FF 5 for a bit too.

    • Thanks for the tip.. I’ll have to check that plugin out.

  • I was in for a surprise too, didn’t see the option to save the open tabs after I upgraded to the latest Firefox 10. Anyway, when I re-start Firefox, I do see the option to “restore previous session”.