something happened windows 10 error

How to fix Something happened Windows 10 error

Hello everyone! In this tutorial we will be going over how to troubleshoot Something happened Windows 10 error, that appears to a lot of people that are upgrading to Windows 10. Basically it’s just a dialog window during Windows 10 installation and it says something happened.

There is one method appears to work for a good amount of people, so if you haven’t tried this already we recommend you to use the method we are going to show.

If you have this error, at first make sure your Files are all updated by going to Windows Update on your computer and click update.

After that, go to Start menu, then head over to Control Panel.

control panel windows

Under «Clock, Language and Region» click on «Change keyboard or other input methods».

clock language windows

Go to Formats tab and make sure that Format is set to English (United States).

region and language windows

Also head over to Keyboards and Languages tab and click on «Change keyboards…» and make sure that Default input Language is set to English (United States) too.

change keyboards windows

input language windows

And also (just to be safe) go under Administration tab and click on «Change system locale» under Language non-Unicode Programs. Now you can see your system locale and it must be set to English (United States) too.

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change system locale windows

region language settings windows

That is the final step you have to do. This solution is appeared to work for a lot of people.

Once you do that go back to Windows install to see if it works. Hope this will work for you guys!

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