How to Blacklist or Block a Domain from Registering on WordPress

A few days ago I started noticing a high volume of registrations from the same domain. For the first couple days I didn’t think much of it. But after 25 registrations from the same domain I knew this was either a bot registering, or a spammer; most likely trying to create backlinks, etc. Follow the instructions below to install a nifty little plugin which will allow you to blacklist domains of your choice within WordPress.

Blacklist/Block Domain on WordPress

Step 1

In WordPress, go to Plugins > Add New.


Step 2

Type User Domain Whitelist in the search box and hit “Search Plugins.”


Step 3

Click on Install Now.


Step 4

Under Settings click on User Domain Whitelist/Blacklist.


Step 5

Select blacklist and then choose the domains you want to blacklist. In our example we chose


Step 6

See example of what happens when a user on that domain tries to register. You can change the error message they receive within the plugin.


Plugin Download

You can also download the plugin here:

  • Peter Gould

    I tried this for my buddypress site but it did not block the domain