Hide the Black Bar on Google+

If you have been trying out Google+ recently then you might be annoyed by the black bar at the top. Follow the instructions below to make the black bar into a white bar. It doesn’t make much sense to hide it completely because there are notifications within that bar.

Black Bar on Google+

These instructions assume you are running Mozilla Firefox 5+. This also works in newer versions of Chrome. If you are running Chrome, just skip to Step 6.

Step 1

Install the add-on called Greasemonkey (click here).

Step 2

Click on the button that says “Add to Firefox.”

greasemonkey add-on

Step 3

Click “Allow.”

Firefox allow add-on

Step 4

Click “Install Now.”

Install add-on

Step 5

Click “Restart Now.”

Restart Firefox

Step 6

Now we need to install the Google Light Navbar script by akira@Taiwan.

Install userscript

Step 7

Click “Install” on the prompt.

Install Google Light Navbar

Step 8

Now browse to Google+ or Google and the bar at the top will be white and not totally distracting.


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  • Michael Dewey

    Does this work for Chrome?

    • It does 🙂 Just skip to Step 6 using Chrome and bam!

  • Harris Himinono

    I’m not tech savy! I’m trying to catch up, that is so I can email and surf the unbiased news, when I can find it and watch a movie. I do find the black nav. bar distressing and not having a choise makes it worse. I’ve even switched to MSN. I admit I check to see if google is listening but I guess their too big to care. Anyway when I used google I just used the regular google explorer8 (not chrome or the other options) and I have windows 7, if that makes a difference and I really don’t understand “scripts”. My question is will your idea work for me?

  • T. C. Bible

    Thank you! When Firefox 5 disabled my original add-on, I was annoyed to find the black bar back. I am glad to turn it back to white.