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Google AdWords Bulk Edit Keywords to Match Est. Top Page Bid

Google AdWords

This is a short tutorial on how to bulk edit your keywords in a campaign to match the estimated top page bid. Nobody has time to go through all the keywords individually.

**Please note, this doesn’t take into consideration, bidding higher on exact match types verses phrase/broad (if you have match types in the same ad groups) and also your conversion data.**

Step 1

Go into your AdWords campaign or Ad Group and click into the “Keywords” tab.


Step 2

On the left hand side, click the check box to select all the keywords in your view.


Step 3

Click the “Edit” button and select “Change max. CPC bids…”


Step 4

In the action, select “Decrease max. CPC bids by”. I choose 99%. You could do 100% if you want. You just want to clear them all down to zero or close to zero. Then click “Make Changes.” Your keywords now are at zero or close to zero for their max. CPC bids.


Step 5

Now it is time to raise your bids back to the est. top page bid. So follow step 3 again, click the “Edit” button and select “Change max. CPC bids…” Then for the action we will choose “Raise to estimated top of page bid” and click on “Make Changes.” So now your bids for your keywords match the est. top page bid.

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Step 6

I sometimes go a step further and raise my bids another 10% just to compete with those who might be raising their keywords by little increments throughout the day. Simply change action to “Increase max. CPC bids by” and chose 10%.


Alternative Way with Rules

Now you could setup two automated rules that do this. One to bring them down and another to raise them. However, Google doesn’t let you choose hour or minute increments yet. So the only way you could maybe do it is to run the first one say at midnight and then the 2nd one at 1am.

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