Google AdSense Ads not showing in IE10

As many bloggers have noticed recently with the release of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 10, Google AdSense ads are no longer showing in the browser. By default IE10 blocks AdSense ads. While this is great for end users, it isn’t so great for bloggers who rely on some ads to pay for hosting feeds, etc. While IE10 doesn’t hold a significant market share yet, it will only keep going up. And with some blogs, even a 2% market share is a lot money.

Google AdSense

You can read more about IE10’s “Do Not Track” settings here:

The only workarounds we have seen so far were already posted by sMarty here:

One involves changing the meta content tag back to IE7. This will however render our site differently and for most this won’t work very good. He also shares another jQuery and PHP solution.

Neither of these work very great and so most bloggers are left wondering if they should simply ditch Google AdSense temporarily and switch to BuySellAds or other third party’s until this issue has been resolved.

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