GeekDesk Review – Ongoing Review

I have now used the GeekDesk for an entire two weeks. And no joke, I haven’t lowered it once. I was actually standing from 8 to noon, and 1 to 5+, Monday through Friday. There are so many positive things to say about this setup.

GeekDesk Review

I am going to highlight the biggest ones.

GeekDesk Arrival and Setup

The GeekDesk delivery was great. We got the 78.75″ W X 32.5″ Large Top version. Took about 5 days to arrive after they shipped out. Driver called when he was 30 minutes out and my coworker and I met him at our loading dock. We assembled the desks within an hour. (make sure you have a power drill for mounting the surface). Also the directions were a little weird. At one point it says, “step 4 will make more sense once you reach step 5.” You turn the page and discover, there is no step 5 lol. But either way, the desk is really easy to assemble.

My Setup

You can view my setup in the picture below. My coworker and I both use whiteboards a lot and so it is nice to simply be standing, turn sideways, and immediately start using the whiteboard. And yes, I am one of the few in America who actually like Cherry 7up.

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My GeekDesk Setup

No More Afternoon Fatigue!

I am always very sleepy after lunch. Especially when eating at some of those not so good fast food joints. Standing this week, I felt amazing right after lunch. In fact, since I had food in my stomach and I was standing, I actually felt like I had more energy. Same thing applies early morning. Drink my coffee while standing and I’m like a work horse!

Lowering and Raising Desk

I lowered my desk a couple times after getting my workstation setup just to see how it would operate. It goes down and up pretty fast, and a very smooth transition.

Does it wobble?

For me, all that matters is that it doesn’t wobble when I am typing. And it doesn’t, so I am happy. If you lean on it, it wobbles slightly, but very little. My coworker has the smaller frame at home and he says it is a little more sturdy than the large one.

Standing Mats

My coworker, who has the same version of the desk, brought in some standing mats. I can stand all day, but the standing mats make it a lot more comfortable. I highly recommend them.
The ones we are using are the Premium 3/8″ Multi-Use. You can get a six pack for around $25.00. We purchased them from Get Rung.

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Get Rung Mat

Monitor Stand

I haven’t yet purchased this, but my coworker has and he said they work pretty good. It is the Allsop Metal Art Monitor Stand. Cheap and does the job. You can buy it at

Allsop Metal Art Monitor Stand

Final Conclusion

In conclusion I have nothing negative to say about the desk. The only thing I can think of is if you have coworkers who like to play practical jokes. You might want to strategically place your raise/lower button; otherwise you’ll find yourself leaving for the restroom, coming back and your desk is all the way on the ground :). I only wish I would have purchased this desk sooner. I am currently saving for the smaller version for my home office. I will update this post again in 6 months to see if I have any different views after using the desk for that long.

*** 3 Week Update ***

Still haven’t lowered my desk once. More productive and not as tired… Gotta get one for home now on the weekends. Will post back in another week.

  • Hank

    Nice review Brian, My employer wouldnt let me change out my desk but they did allow me to bring in a kangaroo desk. It sits on your regular desk and goes up and down to give you the same ergonomic benefits of the full size desk. Win win for me. I got a great desk and my employer paid for it. WooHoo.
    heres the site