Formatting WinPE 3.0 Flash Drive – (DISM)


This is the old version, please see the new Formatting WinPE 3.1 Flash Drive.

In my previous article I wrote about how to create the WinPE 3.0 environment, add drivers, mount the .WIM file, add batch scripts, etc. Here are the steps for creating the bootable flash drive.

Step 1

[vb]Open up Command Prompt[/vb] You can do the first step within a normal command prompt window or within the WAIK Deployment Tools Command Prompt Window.

Step 2

[vb]Diskpart[/vb] This launches the DiskPart program which is included within Windows Vista x32, x64 and Windows 7 x32, x64.

Step 3

[vb]List Disk[/vb] Before you do anything you will want to see which disk is which on your computer.

Step 4

[vb]select disk 1[/vb] You will want to pick the corresponding disk in which you want to use for your bootable flash drive. Careful, because this will completely erase the disk you select.

Step 5

[vb]clean[/vb] This cleans up your disk.

Step 6

[vb]create partition primary[/vb] This creates the partition on your flash drive.

Step 7

[vb]select partition 1[/vb] This selects the partition you just created in Step #6.

Step 8

[vb]active[/vb] This marks the select partition as active.

Step 9

[vb]format fs=fat32 quick[/vb] This will format your flash drive in FAT32 format. Make sure you use the quick command otherwise it will do a standard format and will take a while. For bootable flash drives the quick format will always be fine.

Step 10

[vb]assign[/vb] This will assign the next available drive letter to your flash drive. (You can also specify which drive letter you would like it to be assigned)

Step 11

[vb]exit[/vb] This exits DiskPart.

Step 12

[vb]exit[/vb] This exits CMD.

Step 13

Then just copy the contents of the “c:\winpe_x86\ISO\” folder in which you have your WinPE 3.0 environment created in the previous article and you are ready to boot up on a flash drive to WinPE 3.0. Enjoy!

Here are the commands all together:
list disk [See which drive is which]
select disk 1 [corresponding to disk on your computer] clean
create partition primary
select partition 1
format fs=fat32 quick

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